Any painting required?
No painting required. If the paint is chipped from what ever caused the dent, you will need to touch it up

How do you repair the dent?
I use special tools & an LED light to massage the dent back out to the flush metal surface.

How long do the repairs usually take?
I typically allow 30 min to 60 min to repair a dent. It depends on the size & location/accessibility of the dent.  

What does a typical dent cost?
Dime size dents start at $75. Cost is determined by the size of the dent & my travel time.

Do you have to see my vehicle to provide a quote?
Yes, that is the only way I can give an accurate quote.

Will you work with my insurance company?

Do you work on all vehicles?
I can work on most vehicles.  Convertibles are difficult to access because of all the bracing.

Where will you repair my vehicle?
I am a mobile service so I can do the work anywhere that is most convenient for you - your house, your place of business, or a body shop.